Welcome to BZ&BZ BBS

Tue Dec 11,2018 | tags: bbs

Back in time when dinosaurs used computers, there were dial up BBS systems.


Well, modems are no longer used (JOY!), but BBSes are still alive.


If your browser is modern enough, connect to BZ&BZ BBS.

I'd like to invite you to

bbs.red-green.com (Telnet 23)
bbs.red-green.com (SSH 2022)

Sorry, I tried using standard SSH port 22. Too many scans beating up the BBS. Try 2022 or 4022.

Open 24 hours, running Mystic BBS!

Mystic Logo

Want to know what we are talking about on the BBS?

We have many door games:

And more will be added as I get the time.

The best program to use to connect is syncterm, because it has excellent ANSI terminal support and SSH.

If you want ANSI music, I suggest -- QModem 4.31 by the Forbin Project. Yes, this is an old MS-DOS terminal program, and it works very well using dosbox.

See you there!

One of the BZ&BZ (SysOps) System Operators,