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    Is it Topaz Video Enhance AI by chance? I've been using that on and

    That would be the one... been meaning to play with it, I have some DVDs that don't have HD versions that I'd been wanting to upscale, though
    dual boot should work for the future... also, not sure how much I'm willing to deal with the secure boot in windows, and if it will/won't work in Linux for me.

    How has it been working for you... now that I have a 3080, hoping it
    will chew through it relatively quickly.

    I have an RTX 3070 Super, and have been wanting to upgrade to a 3080.. I just don't want to pay more than necessary to a scalper for one..

    I've upscaled some DVD movies & TV shows to 4K (and occasionally to 1080). The source video resolution and aspect ratio seems to affect the upscaling time significantly. I was upscaling some TV shows from DVD (in 4:3 format) to 4K, and if I remember, about a 45-minute episode would take my PC about 8-12 hours to upscale to 4K with my 2070. Video with a widescreen resolution seems to take a bit longer.

    One thing I noticed is that no matter what output resolution you're upscaling to, it takes longer if the source image resolution is higher. Upscaling a DVD to 4K takes significantly less time than upscaling 1080p video to 4K.

    Also, the output format you choose and the AI model you use affect the upscaling time as well (the software includes several AI models you can use, and they also have different options you can tweak). For the output format, you can output to a MP4 video or output to PNG images which you'd then have to make into a video afterward (you could use ffmpeg for that). If you use PNG images, it will take longer and use more drive space, but theoretically it would offer better video quality. Also, if you have it output to MP4, I've found its MP4 files can be quite large, and you may want to compress them afterward (I'd sometimes use Handbrake for that).


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