Bugz is sure you'd like to know all about BZ & BZ BBS.

Here goes...

Bugz is a pooka and Beanzilla is...

Well, he's a Bean (like Beanie!) and like Godzilla. (So, he's ... both? BEANZILLA!)

Ok, bugz has been dabblying in BBSes since BBSes were in use. And now, he helps break/run BZ&BZ BBS running Mystic BBS under Linux/64. Ok, it is sort-of 64 bit Linux. It's actually running under Docker on a linode.

Beanzilla is my son. He's been through hell and back. He had spinal fusion surgery and re-learned how to walk. (They expected that he'd be wheelchair bound -- but that didn't happen!) He's an awesome kid, but sometimes he's a a bit lazy.

But enough about our problems, let's talk about our awesome BBS system! It's running under Docker, and under 64 bit Linux we run DOS based doors under dosemu. Which doesn't work well under Linux, but they run great for us, because we're awesome and don't let problems like that phase us!

Ok, bugz knows a lot about Linux (running it for 10+ years as a desktop), his job depends upon his Linux knowledge, and combined with years of running MS-DOS systems, is a serious techonological force to be contended with!

Mystic BBS

Mystic BBS was easy to setup.

Actually, bugz hopes that one day he can help write some code for Mystic. But if he can't, that's fine too. :D

Bugz'll get the Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files on github one of these days. But, if you've got questions about how it works, log into the BBS and ask! Bugz will gladly help in any way that he can. :D