TradeWars 2002

Sorry, we no longer run TradeWars. (11/2020)

The requirements of needing to run it under Microsoft Windows, along with quirky bugs and zero chances of updates -- I've given up on this game.

TradeWars 2002


I initially tried running this under wine in Linux. After awhile, the game would hang when you try to exit.

I now run it under Windows 10 running on my home desktop. I connect it to the BBS via BitVise SSH client.

Don't you need other programs to make TradeWars playable?


Well, on other BBS systems you might. But not on BZ&BZ!

We have a TradeWars proxy application that helps you with all the mundane stuff like trading, finding which ports are the best trades / port pairs, (TERROR!), upgrading your planets, loading planets with people.


Beanzilla is adding support for playing as evil.

We're always adding to the proxy code. It's written in python3/twisted.

Check it out!